September Newsletter

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School is in session for the 2012-2013 school year! As you may have seen, we have made many renovations to MathVids, and our video moderators have approved several hundred more videos over the summer in various topics. You may also have noticed that we added classrooms and posts in order to make MathVids a more […]


August Newsletter

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BIG technology updates for MathVids! We have been hard at work over the past month adding some new and exciting tools to MathVids. Hopefully you will find them as cool and fun as we do. The first is a social networking system that allows teachers and students to interact in a professional way. We think […]


July Newsletter – Input Requested

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I hope that everyone’s summer has been relaxing, safe, and enjoyable.  While many of you have been off for the summer, our moderators have been hard at work approving video submissions.  We continue to fill in the gaps in our content, and we now have nearly 1,800 lessons approved.  We will continue to add more […] News, Newsletters

Support MathVids by Voting for Us

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It’s almost the 4th of July, and we’re getting ready for some fireworks. But right now, I’m writing because we need your help. MathVids has entered a grant competition through Please, give us a hand and vote for us. We need 250 votes by the end of the day today to be eligible. So, […]


June Newsletter

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Happy Summer Vacation! I hope that everyone’s school year has finished up well.  I know that some of you will be taking classes during the summer, so don’t forget to use MathVids as a resource to help you learn! If you’ve been by recently, you’ll notice that we selected a logo from the contest […]


May Newsletter

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I hope that everyone had as great an April as we had here at MathVids.  We had an absolutely magnificent response to our video moderation request, and several of our new moderators are already reviewing and approving videos.  This means more videos covering more topics will be added faster than ever.  Thanks to all of […]


April Newsletter

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I hope everyone’s celebrations of Friday the 13th were safe. In fact, this day is probably safer than most other days statistically. There have been several studies that have concluded that fewer accidents, fires, and thefts occur on Friday the 13th as compared with other Fridays, because people tend to be more careful. Hopefully any […]


Pi Day 2012

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Happy Pi Day! It’s time again to celebrate our favorite irrational, transcendental number!  As always, there are many ways to celebrate the constant that is the ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference.  Check out for pi activity ideas, music, records, quotes, stories, and more about pi.  You can also check out the […]


February Newsletter

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Happy Valentine’s Day from MathVids! To show our love and appreciation for your loyalty to MathVids, we have been busily making MathVids into one of the premier education sites on the internet. Since last month, we have added much better search functionality. If you have been disappointed by the MathVids lesson search in the past (as […]

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Khan Academy: Are There REALLY No Better Alternatives?

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written by Ryan Andersen The Khan Dynasty Being a former math teacher with a vested interest in math education and the lack of comprehension on the part of many students in mathematics, I have been paying very close attention to the education revolution happening online recently. We all know the man spearheading this newly mainstreamed […]

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