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08.14.12 | Comment?

BIG technology updates for MathVids!

We have been hard at work over the past month adding some new and exciting tools to MathVids. Hopefully you will find them as cool and fun as we do. The first is a social networking system that allows teachers and students to interact in a professional way. We think that this would be a great way for students and teachers to discuss math class assignments and concepts. ¬†Teachers — please help us out and try it with a classroom and let us know of the results. ¬†Thanks in advance!

Below are some of the features of the system, which you can see if you log in at MathVids.com.

  • You can create classrooms and either make it an open forum where all posts are public and viewable by everyone else or you can moderate the classroom and only allow approved comments to be viewable to all.
  • You will be given a student code to distribute to your students for each classroom you create so they can enroll in the class, see your posts, and post comments of their own. You will also receive a teacher code to give out if you would like to give anyone else teacher access to the classroom.
  • You can mention lesson topics in posts by typing the @ symbol and then as you start typing, all lesson topics currently on MathVids will show up in a list for you to choose from. These will link to the lesson topics on MathVids.
  • You can post from a specific video, and your post will then be linked to the video so your students or followers can go to the video you posted from.
  • You can choose which classrooms to share each post with and whether you want a post to show up publicly to any user who follows your posts.

This basic functionality should hopefully allow you to interact more meaningfully with your math students, although we hope to add many more features in the near future.

The other additional tools added recently are the “Solve a Problem” tool, in which you can input almost any math calculation and get the answer, and the “Math Practice” tool, in which you can choose from many different math topics and go through a set of practice problems. Both of these can be found under the new “Tools” menu option.

Hopefully you enjoy these new additions to MathVids. Please let us know of any results or suggestions for how they could be better. Enjoy the final few weeks of summer, and I hope the start of the school year is great for all!

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