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Nintendo DS’s Brain Age

04.19.09 | 2 Comments

review by Ryan Andersen

I just had the opportunity to play the game Brain Age on the Nintendo DS this past week.  It was a really cool experience as you have to think and write quickly to do well in the mental exercises.  My favorites of course were the math games.

There were games where you had a number of addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems that you had to do as quickly as possible, some counting games, and games where you had to add a pair of numbers, then another pair of numbers, and then both results, to obtain one final number.  All in all, it really seemed like a great way to get your basic math skills up to a fluent level.

A lot of you probably think that it would not help you with advanced math to do such basic arithmetic, but in fact, being quick and fluent with the basics really do help you when you get to more advanced math, because you don’t have to waste as much brain power on the arithmetic.  If only more students were able to complete problems quickly, I believe our failure rates would not be so high.  If you are always asking ‘How did you get that?’ during routine Algebra 2 calculations because you were unable to follow along at a quick pace, you will constantly struggle to undestand more complex operations.

I would certainly recommend this game to anyone looking for an edge in math, looking to have fun, and wanting to keep his / her brain fresh.  Brain Age 2 is also available now.  If you want more information on this product, check out http://www.brainage.com.


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