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Online videos and their role in education

01.16.09 | Comment?

written by Ryan Andersen

We are living in a technological age.  Most people in society are familiar and comfortable with computers, email, the internet, and other technological advancements that have grown more and more popular in the last 20 years.

Many people view this technology boom as a distraction and a waste of time, detracting from the essence of life.  However, to many people, the internet IS life.  No matter your view on the computer age, one thing is certain: we are living in an age when kids would rather send text messages and Facebook messages than write an email or even make a phone call, and we must accept this and make the best of it.

If we are ready to come to the realization that we will never return to the time before computers, cell phones, and the internet, then we must decide how to use these things to our advantage in order to teach our kids.

The Answer: Online Learning.

Let’s face it.  Most students are not willing to stay after school and take precious time out of their day to stay after for extra help or tutoring from a teacher or fellow student.  In fact, they are rarely willing to get help from a friend unless they can get the answer via a text message.

Online learning plays right into their hands.  Of course, online learning can mean many different things and take on many different forms.   Many motivated students learn online by reading sources such as Wikipedia.  However, this can sometimes be overwhelming and very difficult to make sense from.

This new ADD-stricken generation that is averse to reading and always looking for something fun that will capture their attention, these treasure-troves of information can be overlooked.  So how can we succeed in making learning fun and interesting again in this new age of technology?

The Answer: Online Tutoring Videos.

There are so many reasons that this makes sense both in and out of the classroom to supplement learning.
+Videos are fun, interactive, personal, and they can be as helpful as listening to a teacher.
+Videos can be watched as instructional lessons in the classroom
+Videos can be a sub plan in a computer lab for when a teacher is out sick
+Videos can viewed at home by students who have missed school, fallen behind, or don’t understand material
+Teachers can record their lessons and post them online for students to watch, and students and teachers no longer need to stay after for tutoring sessions, saving both parties time and money
+Students can watch videos from home if they want an extra challenge or want to get ahead

So the next time you wonder how students in today’s society can motivated to learn and understand school topics, look no further than the very thing that occupies so much of their time: technology.  Search Google for free math videos, and you will be amazed at what is available for students!

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