January 2012 Newsletter – New Year Resolutions

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Happy 2012! Welcome to an exciting time in the evolution of math education and MathVids! We haven’t had much news to report in quite some time, but we are making some BIG new year resolutions in 2012. This year, we are going to change math education in America – forever. And we need YOUR help. […] News

Math Is Inside Us All

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The playful dichotomy that exists between ‘math people’ and ‘English people’ is certainly fun to joke about, especially when we talk about our grades in school. I have many friends who often express their amazement that I am such a good writer, and I myself often wonder at my friends’ abilities to solve intricate mathematics […]


April Newsletter

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We are halfway through April, and Spring has already shown signs of life.  Hopefully you are all taking advantage of the nice weather that has been hanging around at least the Midwest recently.  I hope that your math classes have been treating you as well as the weather. We have been hard at work categorizing […]


Pi Day 2011 Newsletter

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Happy Pi Day 2011! We hope that this international mathematical holiday brings you joy, happiness, and fun!  What an excellent number to celebrate. We hope to see many pi pastries and pi chains today, the first time Pi Day falls on a school day since 2008. This day also marks the 3-year anniversary of the […]


February Newsletter

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Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope that all of your valentines said ‘yes’ today.  Valentine’s Day is full of such hope and expectation.  So many nerves and so much anxiety. All of these emotions and more will return soon, as Valentine’s Day reminds us that Pi Day is just 1 month away! The excitement surrounding this […]


January Newsletter

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from! To celebrate the new year, we have made some significant changes to the MathVids model and appearance.  Now, MathVids videos, resources, full-screen videos, downloading of videos, and NCTM standard links are ALL FREE. Our mission at MathVids is to make our math videos and resources accessible to […]


December Newsletter

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This December newsletter unfortunately does not bring news of many exciting changes.  We have been working on some new design concepts and some big, site-altering ideas, but we have not implemented any of them yet.  We are hoping to roll out our vision of what MathVids will become over the new year.  Look for some […]


November Newsletter

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Happy November! We hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween and we wish you all a happy early Thanksgiving.  Make sure to have some pumpkin PI if you have not already! We have been very busy adding videos and trying to fill out some of the math topics that still need a lesson taught in […]


October Newsletter

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We are midway through October, and thanks to all of your wonderful testimonials and referrals to friends, MathVids has been experiencing big growth over the past few months.  We want to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone who has used our service and suggested it to friends.  With all of your help, we […]


September Newsletter

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Welcome back to school! School is back in session for 2010-2011, and more schools and states than ever are now requiring 4 years of math to graduate.  This affects many students, and we are here to help you prepare, study, review, and pass your math class! Whether you are in basic math, pre-Algebra, Algebra, Advanced […]

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