Pi Day 2012

03.14.12 | Comment?

Happy Pi Day!

It’s time again to celebrate our favorite irrational, transcendental number!  As always, there are many ways to celebrate the constant that is the ratio of a circle’s diameter to its circumference.  Check out TeachPi.org for pi activity ideas, music, records, quotes, stories, and more about pi.  You can also check out the two pi day videos we have on MathVids — Mr. Binkley’s Pi Day video and Mr. A’s Fun with Pi video.  No matter how you celebrate Pi Day, we hope you do something irrational!

We have been very busy going page by page, making the MathVids user experience better and better.  We are planning to add some social aspects to MathVids in order for teachers to interact with students in a more professional and useful manner than Facebook or Twitter.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or thoughts about what would be useful.  Also, let us know whether you or your school would be interested in pioneering the social network and giving us feedback on how you are using it and what other elements would be useful.  We could certainly use some teachers to test out the system when it is ready.

Because we are so busy organizing lessons / resources, adding new features, renovating the look and feel of the site, and creating a social math network, we are running short on time for moderating and reviewing videos.  However, we are hiring another team member exclusively to approve and review videos, so we should hopefully be adding videos at a much higher rate in the near future.

As the 2011-2012 school year comes around to the home stretch, make sure to stay on top of your classes.  Remember that as we continue to add videos, it is becoming more likely that you can find a video covering a topic that you need help with.  We are nearing the day that you will be able to find every topic on MathVids.  That is nearly the case with Algebra — we now have more than 700 Algebra lessons and nearly 700 Advanced Algebra lessons.

Have a great Pi Day!

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